The Bare Assets Jazz Quartet -
Lawyers Playing Jazz
The Bare Assets started playing together in 1999.  Our last gig was in September of 2013 at the Family Law Section's annual dinner. Although we hoped to play again with our four founding members, John Mills passed away on July 26, 2014, after an 18 month battle with cancer. We will miss our dear friend John.  

The four founding members are: 
John F. "Mouthpiece" Mills - Saxophone, Guitar, Vocals
Richard S. "Rocket 88" Victor - Keyboards
Rick "The Beat" Trost - Drums
Scott "Scooter" Bassett - Electric Bass

Our regular guest musicians have been:

Ronald "Business" Victor - Guitar
Don "The Mayor" Carney - Guitar

History: The Bare Assets Jazz Quartet was formed in the late summer of 1999 for the limited purpose of learning a few songs to play at the annual dinner of the State Bar of Michigan Family Law Section in Grand Rapids that year.  The Quartet was so well received (and had so much fun) that it continued to rehearse, expand its repertoire, and play at Bar events, judicial election fundraisers, and charitable fundraisers.   
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Our Music:  If it swings, or even if it rocks, we'll give it a try.  Our original repertoire consisted of swing-era standards.  But John likes to stap-on his vintage Gibson and lead us down the path to ruin playing early rock and roll, including a wild Elvis medley and a Chubby Checker "Twist" medley. 
From left to right:  Ronnie Victor, Richard Victor, Justice Betty Weaver, John Mills, and Rick Trost
Father and Son Bare Assets:  Richard and Ronnie Victor at the Fox and Hounds in Bloomfield Hills.
With Muhammad Ali in Chicago at a fundraiser for a child advocacy organization.
The Bare Assets in February 2007